Sara Meinz is a Spanish photographer based between Galicia and the Netherlands. 

Through a mindful approach, she seeks stillness and hidden messages in the ordinary, often exploring how we interact with each other and with the environment.

Represented by Darwin Studio

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Awards / Selections

2021    Photo Vogue Festival Portfolio Review, selected
2021    Calvert Journal x Futures mentorship, selected
2021    Futures Photography Talent
2021    Fresh Eyes Artist


2021    Fresh Eyes Exhibition, Rotterdam Photobook Market (NL)
2021    Futures artists showcase, Melkweg Amsterdam (NL)
2019    Free Wall Space, digital showcase


2021    Fiiiirst
2021    C41 Magazine
2021    Fresh Eyes
2021    Ninu Nina
2020    Booooooom
2020    Urth Magazine
2020    Fotoform
2020    Plain Magazine


2021    Fresh Eyes Book 2021

Print sales

2020    This Orient
2020    CAP Foundation


HE Photography & Cinematography